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The Crafty Soaps

     Natural handmade soaps and bath salts


Breast Milk soap


This soap is made at order only.

Please see the scent page on top of my website and let me know what scent you will like ofr if you like it Natural.

This soap will not contain any oils only per request.

Am making this soap as natural as i can so you can have all the mineras and vitamins from the breast milk soap.

This is not J Because i love you, theory.

To all my soap lovers, I will make more research for breast milk soap. But i try one already and my skin is smooth.  Dr Oz’s Breast Milk Soap 

Doctor Oz’s viewer swears by this Breast Milk Soap as a Dry Skin Home Remedy or an Eczema. Dr Oz said this Breast Milk Soap Home Remedy works! Breast milk has lactic acid in it, which is a type of alpha-hydroxy acid that is great for exfoliating your skin. Lactoferrin is also found in breast milk, which has anti-inflammatory properties that unclogs your pores and remove your outer layer of skin, good for Eczema too. If the idea of breast milk grosses you out, Please be respectful to others.

Please let me know what scense will you like in your soap. Look from the oils list, thank you. Or you can choose from one of my soaps and I make it with breast milk

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